Rita Jethani

Rita .J. Jethani

If you have a dream try out your best to accomplish it, because dreams do come true.

After trying to make a blog finally today is the day. As i always say everything happens for a reason, yeah seriously… just like this, it was long back i thought i should start something like this to at least help out people with some Natural remedies.

Hello Friends, my name is Rita Jethani, Born and Brought up in Spain ( Andorra la Vella) shifted to Mumbai, Mulund (w) a few years back, I Have my unisex Spa Salon in Mulund itself called VIHAAN SPA & SALON

I offer different types of Therapies like:

N.T.A ( German Natural Therapy) which basically consists in help you from Chronic pain, Anxiety and Fibromyalgia, With this therapy we can help you to Quit smoking too.

Quiromassage ( Spain Natural Therapy) a massage done with fingers without Using any electric machinery, just helping you to get relaxed with a deep Massage with essential Oil or Cream.

Feet/ Hand Reflexology ( Asian Natural Therapy) did you know that we have 7200 nerve endings in every feet?

Yes! And we never ever think about our feet!

Feet are the most neglected part of our Body, but once you experience a foot reflexology massage on your feet for 40 mins, feeling the pressure in each and every point which is connected to the different organs we have on our body, it will help you to improve any kind of pain or body unconformity

On today’s date STRESS is the most common problem between us, something which may sound meaningless but is harmful at the same time.

Dedicating a few hours to ourselves in a week (for those who see it almost impossible, twice a month is also a good self caring time) will help us to improve our heath, our stamina and help us to get relaxed without letting the stress harm us.

I can assure you a considerable relief and a huge change in your whole day routine thanks to all the benefits provided by all the Natural Therapies explained above.

In addition I have different diplomas specialized in Beauty and Hair care which will help you to look wonderful and increase your self esteem.

Me and my team are at your service from TUESDAY TO SUNDAY 11 AM TO 20 PM

I hope to see you soon @VIHAAN SPA & SALON







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